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Robert Szego
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New Book

Post by Robert Szego » Dec 4, 2017, 2:41 pmpm

The Complete Guide to Aeroncas, Citabrias & Decathlons
by Don & Julia Downie edited by Robert Szego

Sold Out
After many years of effort, the book is finally ready. It has been edited for errors and additional full color pages added to the first edition. This is not just a listing of the various models and specifications, but a lively read, peppered with actual airplanes and people, some famous, some infamous but all described in interesting anecdotes; an illuminating look at an era when these airplanes were new(er) and brings us back to that age.

Carl White writes: "I dug out all the stuff in my library and really nothing comes close to this effort."

Member Price: $34.95 (Non-Member Price: $39.95) Shipping included to U.S. addresses.
Check to: Bellanca-Champion Club, PO Box 100, Coxsackie, NY 12051
or our Gift Shop

International shipping via First Class Mail: Canada: $15 Other countries: $22
International shipping via Priority Mail: Canada: $23 Other countries: $33
Robert Szego

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